: All your Facebook data are belong to us

By visiting the web site one might believe it’s just another online dating site, like or eHarmony.

Lovely Faces is a database of 250,000 Facebook profiles, categorized by the facial expression of its owners.

But take a closer look and you’d soon realize that there is something *very* peculiar about the men and women listed on this web site.

There are six categories of men and six of women:

  • Easy Going Men / Women
  • Funny Men / Women
  • Mild Men / Women
  • Climber Men / Women
  • Sly Men / Women
  • Smug Men / Women

A visitor can then select a category type of men or women, or search by nationality or keyword.

So where do all those profiles originate from?

If you guessed “Facebook” you’re dead on. 😀

But isn’t that storage of 250,000 Facebook profiles illegal?

Not so fast, Zuckerberg.

If you visit you  will realize that this is just a social experiment website where Facebook public data is contextualized differently.

This social experiment can be summarized as thus:

Stealing 1 million Facebook profiles, filtering them with face-recognition software, and then, posting them on a custom-made dating website, sorted by their facial expressions characteristics.

In other words, the data is used as “proof of concept”, analysing people’s behavioral patterns when their photo is being taken. Amazingly, in that sense perhaps Face to Facebook is doing Facebook a big favor, by devising such a methodology of data analysis.

If you happen to locate your own photo at and you want it removed, you can request its removal. In the meantime, it’d be educational to read how they did it.

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