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The FTC issues hefty fine to the manager of 18 dating sites for ‘fake profiles’

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a fine to the British dating services company JDI Dating,  for using computer generated user profiles, referred to as “virtual cupids”. These fake profiles were used as a bait, tricking users into upgrading their own accounts to paid memberships. Upon creating their profile, the users would receive messages from […]

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Lovely-Faces.com : All your Facebook data are belong to us

By visiting the web site Lovely-Faces.com one might believe it’s just another online dating site, like Match.com or eHarmony. But take a closer look and you’d soon realize that there is something *very* peculiar about the men and women listed on this web site. There are six categories of men and six of women: Easy […]

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Love for sale: Cupid.com and WikiLeaks

As Mike Berkens posted earlier today, the domain name Cupid.com was acquired by the Easy Date Group – a UK dating service – for roughly $7 million dollars. The domain name Cupid.com is a remarkable acquisition, in the sense that it’s the name of the winged Roman god of love. Meanwhile, scandal-hounding WikiLeaks operator Julian […]

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