Youngest LLL #domain passed through the New Ventures Services inventory is the latest three letter (LLL) .com domain that expired and dropped. Originally registered in 1998, now bears a registration date of July 10th, 2021.

DropCatch grabbed this three letter .com domain, as usual, and it’s auctioning it currently. Dozens of bids have raised the current price to $40,050 dollars.

Why did drop?

New Ventures Services, the expired domain repository of Network Solutions, took control of on April 21, 2021, according to DomainTools.

As one can acquire domains directly from New Ventures Services, it’s surprising to see that no-one did; now, domain investors are about to spend an amount that exceeds mid five figures for the domain.

It is not clear who was the registrant of in recent years. More than a decade ago, LTP Trade, a company founded in 1999, controlled the domain from London, UK.

Will end up being auctioned for a price exceeding $75,000 dollars? The auction ends in less than 24 hours.

Update: Auction closed at $42,550 dollars with DropCatch member “zeedomainer” winning the auction!

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