Mann Mondays: MannQuotes #3

MannQuotes by Mike Mann.

MannQuotes by Mike Mann.

Domain investors cannot have enough MannQuotes – the snippets of information or wisdom by uber-domainer, Mike Mann.

MannQuotes Part One was a surprising hit and MannQuotes Part Two was literally inhaled by our readers, the way bored housewives rush to their bedrooms to read ‘50 shades of Grey‘! 😀

Without further ado, here’s the latest installment of MannQuotes – Part Three.

Enjoy! 😀

MannQuote #25:
There are thousands of innovative startup corporations competing for best practices and market share, evolving, for everyones benefit. This is lacking in government, where lots of new parties and ideas should also evolve through the system with the same competitive vigor. New charities too.

MannQuote #26:
Class warfare is a foolish scam that Obama The Eternal Campaigner (poor operator) and all the liberals keep repeating (to the poorhouse). “The rich” are all different like “the poor”. Its easy to spend a huge amount of time and energy convincing 99% that the 1% are bad even though false. The rich already pay the highest taxes and tax rates and their money is more often spent on better more efficient uses like philanthropy, innovation, hiring, growth, with taxes that follow everyone naturally and economic growth for all.

MannQuote #27:
Education and job training (competition/capitalism w/simple regulation) is always the answer, the best investment of time and tax dollars and personal savings.

MannQuote #28:
If you dont lie you dont have to remember what you said.

MannQuote #29:
The new religion is changing the world through business, human behavior, and government respectively,, and

MannQuote #30:
The new Pope should be an excellent global communicator and detailed manager of his flock so they get in line for the future, and try to resolve old problems, so should our president, so should the manager of your company, so should the manager of every charity, all leaders.

MannQuote #31:
One of the worlds most popular slogans has been wrong the whole time, am I the first to realize?: “Good to the last drop” should actually be “Good through the last drop” or else the last drop ain’t so good.

MannQuote #32:
Minimum wage is a tax on those businesses that require lower end labor. If those employees are profitable at those rates they could take another job for more elsewhere, as is its a welfare subsidy born by small business usually. It also puts companies out of business or makes them hire fewer, and lay people off. If we are trying to create charity just give them cash from the government instead of making business pay for it and throw off their entire economics, to the advantage of companies with only high end workers, and undocumented workers.

MannQuote #33:
Mayer @ Yahoo is doing nothing wrong at all by cutting off staff working at home. Its to save money, get people to work harder, create attrition to lower payroll, etc. Her job is to make a profit, not a democracy, not communism, not to make everyone happy, other than shareholders who were broken the old way of doing business. If employees are so great they have better job offers and can prove she is making a mistake, and Yahoo could lose money, fair risky smart business, no harm, no foul.

MannQuote #34:
Take the back roads or paths less followed since they lead to the same destination as more chaotic routes.

MannQuote #35:
One bad egg can spoil the batch. Turn them over faster.

MannQuote #36:
America is a promise that must be kept. Its fathomable. Line up your fathoms and go at it.


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