MannQuotes – Part Deux: Friday wisdom with Mike Mann

MannQuotes by Mike Mann.

MannQuotes by Mike Mann.

After our very popular first look into “MannQuotes”snippets of wisdom from the very successful domain investor, Mike Mann – it’s time for a second helping.

The MannQuote open series of posts focuses on the business approach and modus operandi of Mike Mann, that often get lost or unnoticed. Let’s hope that eventually, Mike will collect the best MannQuotes into a book and publish it.

By popular demand, here are some recent MannQuotes to educate you on this fine Friday. Enjoy!:D

MannQuote #13:
Given advancements in technology finding a needle in a haystack might be relatively easy, maybe even bigger ideas will work that once were infeasible.

MannQuote #14:
Dont you see, we are changing the world this moment, you are either participating or witnessing.

MannQuote #15:
Business isn’t democratic.

MannQuote #16:
I never want to turn over staff, I want to expand it and change the world together. However I never regret any of attrition of people that don’t care because their departure improves the lot for the rest of us and all the charities that benefit.

MannQuote #17:
Get out of your comfort zone and evolve before its zoned out.

MannQuote #18:
The wave will be so broad and powerful and redundant that you will want to ride with the current, not against.

MannQuote #19:
The day of the flood the strong marched 2 by 2 towards the ark of redemption and evolution.

MannQuote #20:
To the extent something once existed it could exist again.

MannQuote #21:
99.99999% of the people in the world are not qualified to work for me and follow our best practices, the rest I want to recruit and retain.

MannQuote #22:
You are either in the circle of trust or without. Changing the world is serious business and there is no room for gray areas.

MannQuote #23:
You may not want to be a control freak at home, but its good in the office to create revenue, control expenses, innovate, create efficiency and best practices, analytics, documentation, impress investors and clients and the media.

MannQuote #24:
Working with me and my teams is a life commitment to change the world. A once in a lifetime opportunity to stand out and be counted.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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