MannQuotes: The endless wisdom of Mike Mann

Mike Mann

Mike Mann

Mike Mann is not simply a domain investor and business developer; as a published author, he strives to deliver wisdom daily, through the analysis of news, events and life.

A lot of these statements are gathered in his book “Make Millions and Make Change” which is a must read for any domain investor, entrepreneur or curious mind. Mike Mann’s second book, “Applied Evolution“, lays out the path to world peace and prosperity.

We gathered a dozen “MannQuotes” – as we affectionately call Mike Mann’s short liners – that are gems that often get lost among the white noise of the Internet and social media.

We’ll be sharing some of those MannQuotes with our readers, in this open series, and we are certain that you will benefit from them.

MannQuote #1:
When one takes me on in business or charity and disrespects me or our work, I feel they are taking on the sick and poor I represent, and I will go to extreme lengths to defend this constituency.

MannQuote #2:
Its good to “get angry” if you are angry, the idea is not to “be” angry.

MannQuote #3:
Weed bad practices and practitioners to succeed.

MannQuote #4:
Respecting ones boss and business plan and being a positive role model is great for ones career, and vice versa.

MannQuote #5:
For profit companies are for profit, charity is for charity, people with narratives can have them.

MannQuote #6:
Every person and task and hour should fit in with its respective strategy and be delegated, documented and measured accordingly with clear accountability, communications and leadership throughout. Discover additional leadership to follow this plan closely.

MannQuote #7:
If you want to see the weak monkeys flail from the trees, shake them a little.

MannQuote #8:
A rising tide raises all ships, cooperate, communicate.

MannQuote #9:
It’s easier to maintain control than to regain control; its easier to maintain a customer than to regain another.

MannQuote #10:
Most people are not malicious, they are just incompetent. Sometimes navigating the gray area can be frustrating. And winning with incompetence is hardly a win.

MannQuote #11:
.Com will always be king and dramatically outsells any other extension, maybe 30:1. The prices of super premium domains went down around 40-60% over the last few years due to a bad economy and marketing people confused over domain branding best practices. Therefore the best domains are dramatically underpriced today and will go up in value much faster than the economy or most other investments.

MannQuote #12:
Maybe I’m wrong about some things, but I cant see why I would take that attitude instead of always believing in something bigger and better and trying to hit a home run. Self confidence creates self fulfilling prophecy.

Congratulations to Mike Mann for his recent marriage to Tiffany, as well! 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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12 Responses to “MannQuotes: The endless wisdom of Mike Mann”
  1. Steve says:

    Is this for real? You can’t possibly believe that these quotes provide value to anyone. Mike is hands down the worst businessman ever. Besides the fact that he’s bankrupted five companies in the last year and will be bankrupting two more in the next six months ( and Domain Market), he’s an egotistical lunatic.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Steve – Thank you for your opinion. Did you work for Mike by any chance? Otherwise it sounds like unsubstantiated ranting to me. Come back in six months to check on the and Domain Market facts; of course, Mike might get in touch with you earlier than that.

  3. Miles says:

    Within this year of 2013 will be bankrupted and many will lose their jobs because of a idiot little man that Mike is. Mike is Napoleon of this century, too bad there is no island to send him to.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Miles – Can’t wait to see what better things you have achieved. Care to post a link? I’m expecting to be dazzled, don’t disappoint me now, ok?

  5. DomainGang says:

    No links? Miles? Steve? Bueller? Anyone?

    I thought so, just a couple of slandering pussies.

  6. Miles says:

    You can call me a pussy, I will spend the weekend taking your site down. Get ready to be hacked. Denial of service is on your way. I am gonna have fun wrecking your site.

  7. DomainGang says:

    Miles – That’s fine. Starting by making your IPs and public. Maybe it’s of interest to the FBI. Now then, Argofuckyourself.

  8. Mike Mann says:

    Clearly a fired hater in Utah using a fake name, what are they so scared of? Greg Shuey?

  9. Mike Mann says:

    Greg tried to get all my employees to quit a few weeks ago, threatening me my company would be gone the morning if he didnt get his way, then he was fired in disgrace and everyone else is back at work at a great corporation.

  10. Lemram says:

    My fave quote would have to be the first one. If one does not have the heart or the desire to help other people through charities or non profit organizations, then I really think that they will not understand Mike and what drives him be successful at what he does.

    If someone wishes Mike to fail, that someone also wishes the charities to fail. His companies support,, and a lot more.

  11. Mike Mann says:

    BTW, I am not seeking to be known as a great businessman, I want to be known for changing the world, I am shaking in my boots about anonymous fired scammer haters, Ive been around a while with them. My record speaks clearly what is theirs?

  12. HAHAHAHAHAH says:


    “The prices of super premium domains went down around 40-60% over the last few years due to a bad economy and marketing people confused over domain branding best practices.”

    The best part is that he doesn’t know that he’s one of those confused marketing people. How cute

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