MarkUpgrade: Give us $249 dollars first if you want to make an offer!

MarkUpgrade was founded in 2018 by “a small group of entrepreneurs” led by Tatiana Bonneau. The mystery-shrouded domain branding company leverages a portfolio of solid domains and they are priced accordingly.

MarkUpgrade’s mission is to connect the best domain names available globally to the most suitable companies for them, according to their web site at

Leading by example, just to make an offer on one of their domains, such as, you have to pay $249 dollars.

This fee appears to be charged for consultation services following this methodology:

Premium domain owners often receive a large volume of requests for their assets, making it difficult for an enquiring party to stand out and get feedback on their proposal. To make the process more efficient for all involved we offer a Proposal Review and Acquisition services. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Book a consultation call and fill in all the relevant details
  • Proceed to payment for the service
  • Once completed, join at the scheduled time and date to receive guidance on how to submit a proposal
  • Receive feedback on your proposal within 2 working days

MarkUpgrade’s previous corporate incarnation won a UDRP filed against their domain name in 2015.

The $249 fee beats Telepathy’s “make offer” fee of $19 dollars by quite a bit and it’s not due to inflationary trends in the domain industry!

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  1. Scott Alliy says:

    One way to separate the Pretenders from the Contenders !!!

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