founder Divyank Turakhia learned how to pilot helicopters in a week!

Divyank flies helicopters as well.

Divyank flies helicopters as well.

A new article in the economic section of The Times of India describes Divyank Turakhia‘s passion for flying airplanes and helicopters.

The founder of Directi and has a passion for flying which materialized in 2008, when he bought a Cessna172 plane and learned how to fly for that very reason:

“I didn’t know how to fly when I bought the Cessna in 2008. I thought, I learnt to drive because I had a car, and will learn to fly if I have a plane.

Divyank Turakhia learned how to fly helicopters in a week’s time, during a break from engaging in business acquisitions.

Now, that’s impressive.

Along with brother Bhavin, Divyank is in the middle of an 100% acquisition of the company he founded,, which generates $200 million USD annually.

The article showcasing Divyank’s flying adventures can be read here.

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