Merlin Kauffman’s NFT project in the making!

Rise, Metasaurs!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Merlin Kauffman of fame, is about to launch a new NFT that’s a cross between the BAYC apes and the Jurrassic Park! 😀

Called “Metasaurs” this is an NFT featuring 9,999 dinosaurs with BAYC-like characteristics (traits) and other more unique elements.

Using the domain that was registered in late August as a portmanteau of “meta” and “dinosaurs,” the project’s popularity due to minting anticipation has apparently skyrocketed. There are already more than 33,000 members on the Metasaurs Discord, with sign ups increasing.

Perhaps part of the allure is the promised giveaway of a 2021 Ford Raptor Truck (MSRP $65,840) randomly chosen from the Metasaurs NFT holders, once the NFT is fully minted.

Said Merlin:

“Metasaurs is a rawring success already – it is the fastest growing Discord community in NFT project history. I am overwhelmed with the community support, and full of gratitude.”

Metasaurs are minting on October 14th, according to Merlin, who spent 58 ETH or approximately $170,000 on Bored Ape #4588 a few weeks ago. Calling him Dr. DMT, the ape is used as the Metasaurs “mascot” apparently.

Follow Metasaurs on Twitter, Discord, and visit if that’s your thing.

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