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Michele Neylon’s photo wins #domainer selfie of the year award!


Michele Neylon, founder of the popular Irish Internet services company, Blacknight, won yet another award on Sunday.

After winning best Irish foodie porn blog in 2016, the dot .ie supporter claimed yet another prestigious win, this time in portrait photography.

His self-portrait, “Image of a happy domainer,” won the 1st prize at the International Selfie Festival in Dublin, Ireland.

“I’m so delighted to have won this award, inspired by listening to my customers’ inane complaints about domain names they can’t afford,” said Michele Neylon.

“Repeatedly, my social media specialist insisted that I should be breaking a wry smile, showing some canine teeth, or stop pursing my lips so tight, and I’m so glad I ignored the lad!” said Michele Neylon, frowning.

The photo is one of many professionally shot self-portraits that Blacknight will be sharing in its campaign, about domain names, hosting, and culinary adventures in Europe. The campaign is also appearing on ICANN-themed memes.

For more information, visit Blacknight.com or Michele Neylon’s culinary adventures blog, Michele.Blog.

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3 Responses to “Michele Neylon’s photo wins #domainer selfie of the year award!”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Hey man, I thought we all agreed …… Vidfie is the future.

  2. tommy butler says:

    This must be his poker face.

    Dont be fooled you can still see that smile.
    Great pic one nice guys in industry.

  3. Roberto says:

    Behind that calm visage is a ferocious businessman and terrifying negotiator, Ireland is threatening to send him to London to sort out Brexit. The Queen has called out her Guards in response.

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