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Microsoft and NOKIA announce formation of MiNOKIA Corporation

MiNOKIA Corporation

MiNOKIA Corporation

Markets jumped following the announcement of the $7.2 billion dollar acquisition of Finnish cellphone manufacturer, NOKIA, by Microsoft.

NOKIA stock was up more than 30% while Microsoft was dealt a drop of 5% as investors were anxiously awaiting the details of the NOKIA acquisition.

“We are forming a new entity, MiNOKIA, and plan to converge all common assets in the next 18 months,” said NOKIA PR manager Taute Pakuviissto.

“It’s very exciting to be able to join forces with the greatest OS software maker in the world that just so happens to produce some great phones using NOKIA technology,” added Pakuviissto.

The new company, MiNOKIA Corporation, will be based in Helsinki, Finland, apparently to be closer to the North Pole where the Santa Claus toy factory is located.

“Imagine that, within hours of ordering the new Windows MiNOKIA phone for Christmas, you will be able to place an order with Santa Claus and have it delivered – as long as you’re nice!” said Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. “How many companies do you know that can make it happen? Tell me! Tell me!” added Ballmer, pointing his index finger to the crowd attending the acquisition event.

Meanwhile, Finnish programmer and creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, expressed his grave concern from Helsinki, Finland.

“I used to be a NOKIA fan but now that they sold their soul to the antichrist, Microsoft, I will have to buy a Samsung or an HTC phone. This is a ridiculous sellout of a Finnish company, what’s next, Wal-Mart buying IKEA?”

MiNOKIA Corporation is expected to go live soon from Microsoft.com/Minokia, as the .com is taken. For the time being, there is no indication that a straw man buyer has placed an $xxx offer on the existing .com, which was registered in 2006.


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