Microsoft announced Windows 10 – owner hit jackpot?

Windows 10 from Microsoft.

Windows 10 from Microsoft.

The owner of the domain name must be having serious palpitations right now, as Microsoft skipped version “9” of Windows, announcing Windows 10 instead.

The announcement of Windows 10, to be made available in late 2015, is exciting news for the number of improvements it introduces over Windows 8.

For those that missed the Start Menu, present in older versions of Windows, it is now making a grand return, along with customizable live tiles. There are other desktop goodies as well.

Microsoft touts its upcoming OS as “the best one yet.

Back to the domain, – did its owner hit a jackpot, or it’s a domain that would be hit with a UDRP if used in reference to the upcoming Microsoft OS ?

While the domain was registered in 2007, its use would determine its fate; currently, is visibly offered for sale.

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