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Windows 10 : Final stretch before launch without the matching .com domain

Windows 10 has been released to manufacturing, as the July 29th launch extravaganza approaches. The latest incarnation of Windows from Microsoft is anticipated with the same excitement that Windows 95 arrived, exactly 20 years ago. The launch will mean one thing for the “lucky” registrant of Windows10.com : a huge increase in traffic. When Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Windows 10: FREE! FREE! FREE!

Windows 10 will be free for all current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.x according to an announcement by Microsoft today. That’s right: users of the two most recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system will upgrade to Windows 10 for free – as long as they do so within a year of […]

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Microsoft announced Windows 10 – Windows10.com owner hit jackpot?

The owner of the domain name Windows10.com must be having serious palpitations right now, as Microsoft skipped version “9” of Windows, announcing Windows 10 instead. The announcement of Windows 10, to be made available in late 2015, is exciting news for the number of improvements it introduces over Windows 8. For those that missed the […]

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