Mike Mann Quotes: Fourth dozen on a fine Friday

Domain investor, Mike Mann.

Domain investor, Mike Mann.

When we first started the ‘MannQuotes‘ series – musings distilling Mike Mann’s wisdom and experience in life – we weren’t expecting such a controversy.

It seems that some people are unable to see anything positive in life; those losers tried their best to assault Mike via condescending, anonymous comments.

Some of these anonymous trolls were traced by Mike to be former employees, fired for their inability to perform as one would expect.

Sour grapes, anyone?

But back to the famous MannQuotes; today we’re presenting the fourth installment; yet another dozen of Mike Mann’s ‘MannQuotes’.

And if you missed the previous ones, here are the links:

Enjoy! πŸ˜€

MannQuote #37:
Formula: caffeine, confidence, investment capital, partners, raw man hours.

MannQuote #38:
How hard is it to “ship jobs overseas”? Easier than hiring people in US, just need an indep. contractor agreement and a Paypal account.

MannQuote #39:
How come educated, motivated, hard working people get paid more than the opposite? Don’t worry about it, Obama is evening it all out to make us all poor.

MannQuote #40:
Your ducks arent supposed to be in a row, they are supposed to be in line (a column) No wonder everything has been out of synch.

MannQuote #41:
If I can prove there is a better investment at a lower risk, I can prove you should divest, money or mindpower.

MannQuote #42:
Bloomberg is off my good list. For one thing he needs to declare a new party or independence. But his soda crime law is ridic. What about banning the Big Macs they come with?, or unsafe sex, or liberals wasting taxpayer money? Why not subsidize natural food restaurants which makes more sense in every respect anyhow? Moron.

MannQuote #43:
I have nothing against crazy people, as long as they dont lie, cheat, or steal. (Not in to fear, greed, envy, cruelty.)

MannQuote #44:
I think the Evian water has extra oxygen in it or something that makes it extra good. Or I am am being suckered by powerful branding and wasting my money.

MannQuote #45:
We should spend money on all sort of random government programs because that will “create jobs”; at the same time there are no spare jobs so no reason for job training and education with those government dollars? Wrong and wrong, random government programs are a total waste and the jobs temporary and really just unrecouped welfare.

MannQuote #46:
β€œStart early and begin raising the bar throughout the day.” ~ Bruce Jenner

MannQuote #47:
I may have been close to extinction a lot of times so far, but I am special and got 10 lives instead of 9. So, not only will I change the world in life 10, anyone who screwed me over better hide.

MannQuote #48:
In a world of confusion, smart investors and branding execs create a “flight to quality”, making the best .Com domains more valuable every day, and most of the rest still worth $0.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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  1. rathead says:

    yeah… i read a book about positive thinking one time… it sucked.

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