Mike Mann: Revenge is a platter of Cold Cuts and a new Book

Mike Mann in an uber-cool pose

These days Mike Mann is on a roll.

The legendary uber-domainer has already secured a hefty cash infusion from the apparent sale of sex.com – a domain that’s been ridden with debt and bad luck for years.

But don’t count on Mike to give up so easily.

Mike’s latest project is called Applied Evolution. Not content with authoring “Make Millions and Make Change!” Mike Mann is on his way to churning out yet another brainchild.  In Mike’s own words:

This book is the second in a series of three books I intend to complete, each with the goal of changing the world from its own perspective. The first from a business perspective, “Make Millions and Make Change!”, this book from a behavioral and genetic approach, “Applied Evolution – Leveraging Natural Selection and Human Behavior for Peace”, and my third will be “Fixing Government”.

Despite not being voted into the Domainer Hall of Fame during this year’s TRAFFIC, Mike’s impressive credentials are beyond any dispute.

Known for his support of free speech and actively fighting for his paternal rights, Mike Mann is the epitome of a modern gladiator ‘slash’ entrepreneur who battles it out in the name of justice.

Find out what’s hot about Mike Mann at MikeMann.com/whatshot

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One Response to “Mike Mann: Revenge is a platter of Cold Cuts and a new Book”
  1. Mike Mann says:

    Sweet, thanks. FYI, that pic is Halloween and I did not light the cigarette.

    As far as winning awards, you’d have to remove the haters from the voting blocks. I’ve cussed out lots of idiots and fired some too, so they wont be voting my way or acknowledging our charity work.

    Speaking of changing the world, Id be remiss not to mention




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