Mike Mann’s friend gets embarrassed on Facebook

One cannot feel too secure these days; Facebook is the ultimate virtual location to disclose one’s secrets and post embarrassing, drunk images.

Facebook is an active playground for uber-domainer Mike Mann, who is not concerned about the general public perusing his conversations; in fact, he seems to be encouraging it.

Even if you lock your own account, however, your friends might choose to keep theirs public.

A funny conversation ensued recently, between Mike Mann and a friend of his – we decided to only display his first name in order to save him from further embarrassing himself.

Apparently Brandon is looking for a domain about iPhone applications but he’s not willing to pay for the one that’s already registered.

In fact, Brandon sets up a devious scheme: he plans to register the dashed variant, in order to subsequently register the trademark and then sue the owners of the non-dashed .com !

Brandon, before you pay a lawyer $300 /hour to sue those poor guys that were able to grab your dream domain before it became a spec of your imagination, make sure you contact an IP attorney with WIPO experience to discuss trademarks and how they can (or in this case, cannot) be enforced in a UDRP. Specifically, ask what a “reverse hijacking” attempt is.

The entire exchange is displayed below for your enjoyment. 😀

No comments! Mike, help your friend out with some free domainer seminars.

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3 Responses to “Mike Mann’s friend gets embarrassed on Facebook”
  1. SL says:

    iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Corporation.


  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    SL – I’m not even going to go there 😀

  3. superseven says:

    How about Mike Mann embarrassing himself on Facebook! Using Facebook to go after people he feels have “scammed, stolen and done him wrong” is pathetic and sad. Too bad the people who read his rants and respond by agreeing and encouraging him don’t know the whole story and what kind of person he really is! He should be ashamed of himself.

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