Mitt Romney wants to regulate who is a Domainer

Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, is currently being lobbied by a group of technocrats from Los Angeles.

The Anti-Cybersquatting League (ACL) was formed early last year, with the intention to push for legislation regarding domain ownership and the trade of domains in the open market.

“We are all for entrepreneurial deregulation,” said Judy Miller of ACL.

“What we are not supporting is the blatant cybersquatting of other people’s names and assets, this has to stop and we are in talks with Mr. Romney about exactly that, it’s ridiculous I can’t have,” she added.

The Republican party clearly promotes the deregulation of the economy, but is it going too far with this initiative as described by the ACL spokesperson?

“Mitt Romney knows what is good for the economy: it’s the opposite of what Barack Obama stands for!” exclaimed Sam Cooke, political analyst for the Romney-Ryan campaign.

“Cybersquatters, domainers or whatever they call themselves, are clearly the minority. Domains cannot be held hostage for money, corporations need to get what is theirs and we will make sure they do, once Mitt Romney becomes president,” added Cooke.

The ACL initiative in a nutshell is pushing for the following key points:

  • Definition of the “domainer” title per the Senate VII 3.4 book of business practices.
  • Licensing of domainers with a tax break as an incentive for the up-front fees.
  • Clarification of what constitutes a “flip” versus an “investment”.
  • Taxation at a 45% bracket for all domainers without a license.
  • Closer integration of domaining with the real estate industry to enforce “eminent domain” decisions on all unused domains.

With only 55 days until the elections, now it’s the time to contact your state representative or senator.

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6 Responses to “Mitt Romney wants to regulate who is a Domainer”
  1. Jay says:

    How about 90% tax for all Mormons?

  2. Steve J. says:

    The republicans are on crack!

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Jay – Mormons have no money.

    Steve – Contact your senator.

  4. Jack of all trades says:

    Jay & Steve are reeeeeeeeetarded.

  5. Jay says:

    Jack – Go ahead and send your license application to Romeny today – You might be preapproved, if you enclose some donation for his presidential campaign 🙂

  6. FazK says:

    JudyMiller of ACL thinks its ridiculous that she can’t have, she deserves her .com more than probably 10,000 other judy millers from around the world. Am I missing something here!
    Sincere apologies if it is a prank news report meant for entertainment purpose only.

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