Moniker and SnapNames debranded

Moniker and SnapNames have been debranded.

“Shock and horror” are words that can be used with regards to the latest debranding of major registrar and drop-catching/auction house, Moniker and SnapNames respectively.

The newly redesigned child companies of have lost a lot of their pieces of flair, by dropping their characteristic logos that kept the brands distinct for several years.

“We thought it’d be a great idea to take the beautiful Moniker quill and the bold SnapNames logo and toss them to the virtual garbage”, said Marcus Aurelius, chief developer for Oversee.

“Who cares about brands anymore when we have a monopoly in the market, plus Oversee will now be the only company in our corporation with an almost decent logo”, he added.

The days of investing in branding are apparently gone for the domain industry. More domain developers prefer the textual representation of their company name, using either Helvetica or Times New Roman; often times without even bolding the font.

“I lost all of my domainer clients because they don’t want a logo developed anymore”, said Tarc McGard, a designer from Leeds, UK.

“Those cheap bastards just use text and avoid all graphics like the plague! It’s the new trend, apparently, but I’m just about to go get drunk at the pub”.

Known for being penny-pinchers, domainers are taking a low-budget approach to all things related to domain development; often times resorting to faux development such as the ones provided by Septik Corporation.

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