Montenegro : The first 10 years of .ME domains

Dot .Me domains.

Montenegro became an independent country on June 3, 2006.

The former Yugoslav republic was allocated its own ccTLD, dot .ME, ten years ago; the rest is history, as they say, and a successful one at that.

Dot .ME domains are used both for local companies and individuals, and worldwide as a personalized brand.

More than 1 million .ME domains later, Montenegro continues to expand its reach across the globe, receiving equal treatment from search engines such as Google, along with other generic TLDs.

Domain industry veteran, Alan Dunn, wrote an excellent article on the history of Montenegro and its successful management of .ME domains; the article was published on TechCrunch magazine.

Who says history and domains don’t mix?

You can read all about it at “.ME — 10 years and two percent of exports.

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