Morocco committee issues angry statement on canceled ICANN52 meeting in Marrakesh

ICANN officials using the transportation system in Morocco.

ICANN officials using the transportation system in Morocco.

The cancellation of ICANN52 in Marrakesh, Morocco, due to widespread fears of the Ebola virus spreading in the African continent, has angered the organizers of the local event.

“We are appalled by the ICANN decision, it is the most awful news,” said Mustafa Selim Mustafa of the Moroccan ICANN Multi-steakholder Committee.

“Morocco is a proud nation, we take task and hygiene seriously, take look at Los Angeles Skid Row? Filth, drugs, prostitutes and yet Los Angeles worked with ICANN51!” exclaimed Mustafa Selim Mustafa.

The Moroccan ICANN Multi-steakholder Committee now plans to turn the facility’s bookings, reserved for 3,000 attendees, into Africa’s first Couscous & Camel Show.

“Proud culture, and food, and Marrakesh have both,” said Mustafa Selim Mustafa, dipping into a bowl of steamed pilaf topped with finely minced camel meat and spices . “It’s better than silly ICANN bureaucrat believe ebola rumors!” he added, laughing.

It remains to be seen which isolated location ICANN will be choosing next for its event; candidate cities include locations in Siberia, the Easter Island and the island of Alcatraz.

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