#NamesCon 2021 : Free #BIOVYZR for attendees of the #domain conference

NamesCon aspires to be the safest domain conference, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 2021 event is half a year or so away, and the NamesCon2021 organizers shared an important update for the show.

With the brand new BIOVYZR helmet, attendees should feel well-protected from other visitors’ cough and sputum, not to mention halitosis.

“Many veteran NamesCon visitors in our jam-packed conference have complained about the bad breath or armpit stench of others,” said NamesCon PR manager, Klaus Faarten.

“With a free BIOVYZR helmet the filtered air is purified and also can be scented to a variety of fragrances controlled via the NamesCon app. This way we provide clean air and a great, safe experience free from Covid-19,” added Faarten.

The BIOVYZR helmet is a product of VYZR Technologies, and the product looks amazing. Its proprietary design provides 360 degrees of protection and shields you on all sides.

Hopefully by NamesCon 2021 it will arrive with a modification that adds a windshield wiper and gloved arms.


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