NamesCon : Conference buyer avoids lethal accident at 149 mph!

Soeren Von Varchmin, CEO of World Hosting Days, had a narrow escape from a serious, potentially lethal car accident in Germany.

The German executive, whose company acquired NamesCon in August 2016, was driving his car on the Autobahn, at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour – that’s over 149 mph for those not savvy with the metric system.

A stone hit the windshield, cracking it at several places. Soeren retained control of the vehicle, but was clearly shaken by the encounter:

“a stone hit the windshield while doing 240km/h on the autobahn. shit, i was shocked. next stop: repair shop”

We cannot imagine what it’d be like to hear that stone hit the car’s windshield at that speed!  The impact did not shatter the glass, thankfully, and we’re glad he’s safe.

In Germany, the Autobahn allows drivers to max out their car’s speed potential, so if you’re driving there, remain on the right lane as the left lane is for the speeding crowd, as the video below shows.

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