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Lords of Uptime fire manager following rap scandal at #NamesCon

Lords of Uptime, the rock mega-group formed by NamesCon conference producer, Soeren von Varchmin, announced the immediate firing of their band’s manager. In a press release, Soeren von Varchmin spoke of a rap scandal that erupted during this year’s NamesCon; they cannot go on as a rock band when their own manager is in love […]

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#NamesCon 2018 : #Rockathon night, with #Metallica, Deep Purple, #KISS and Van Halen

NamesCon announced that its Water Night gala will feature some major rock bands from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Not content with having David Ellefson, founder of Megadeth, as the opening keynote speaker, NamesCon took it one step further. “We have booked four great rock groups that dominated the rock scene for three decades,” said […]

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NamesCon : Conference buyer avoids lethal accident at 149 mph!

Soeren Von Varchmin, CEO of World Hosting Days, had a narrow escape from a serious, potentially lethal car accident in Germany. The German executive, whose company acquired NamesCon in August 2016, was driving his car on the Autobahn, at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour – that’s over 149 mph for those not savvy […]

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