#NamesCon 2018 : #Rockathon night, with #Metallica, Deep Purple, #KISS and Van Halen

Soeren Von Varchmin

NamesCon announced that its Water Night gala will feature some major rock bands from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Not content with having David Ellefson, founder of Megadeth, as the opening keynote speaker, NamesCon took it one step further.

“We have booked four great rock groups that dominated the rock scene for three decades,” said Soeren Von Varchmin, of NamesCon.

“If you’re a 70’s rock guy, you will love KISS and Deep Purple, those old farts can still rock the stage.

And we’ll have Van Halen representing the 80’s, along with Metallica from the 90’s. It will be fucking awesome!” exclaimed Von Varchmin, strumming an electric guitar.

Water Night at NamesCon is the quintessential party to socialize and rock the stage, all while raising money for African nations that are deprived of clean water.

“If you are looking for some big rock stars, they’ll be at NamesCon,” said Soeren Von Varchmin, smoking a cigarette. “See you there, muthafuckas!” he exclaimed, sticking out his tongue.

Don’t miss the Rockathon at NamesCon, during Water Night.

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