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NamesCon future: Domainfest going back to its roots!


Brand.Bar “Happy Hour”.

An online video chat discussion, organized by Angela St. Julien of Brand.Bar, gathered several tens of domain professionals in the same “room“, to talk about the results of NamesCon 2015 via GoToMeeting.

Chat attendees included George Verdugo, Mike Mann, Monte Cahn, Adam Dicker, Karen Bernstein, Richard Lau, Jothan Frakes, Charlotte Gilbert, Donna Mahony, Cate Colgan and others.

During the gathering that lasted well over an hour, several exciting things about the future of NamesCon were announced.

Event organizers Richard Lau and Jothan Frakes stated that there were more than 70 sessions and more than 160 speakers during NamesCon this year.

The number of sessions next year will be lowered, but many events will be repeated so that everyone attending will be able to participate in sessions that overlap. The number of classroom meetings will be increased as well.

This year, the Chinese Domaining Masterclass followed this exact format and it was a big success among the participants.

Discussing the success of the conference, Richard Lau mentioned that it was the first domain industry event attended by corporate branding managers from Fortune 500 companies.

Monte Cahn, who oversaw the NamesCon auction, declared the event a success; more than 65% of the domain names and 18 of the first 20 on the list were sold during the event. More domains are being sold during the extended auction, organized by Right of the Dot, a partnership between Monte Cahn and Michael Berkens.

Jothan Frakes announced that the acquisition of the Domainfest brand will allow the organizers of NamesCon to roll out small, mobile domain sessions around the US, and eventually other countries and continents, such as Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In essence, Domainfest is returning to its roots, by eventually launching portable meetings around the globe.

Anyone that has suggestions about improving NamesCon, can email nextyear@namescon.com.

Many thanks to the host, Angela St. Julien for this discussion that allowed everyone to share their thoughts about NamesCon and for upcoming domain conferences in the future.

You can listen to the audio on YouTube right here.

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