#NameSummit 2018 : Two days of entrepreneurial content in #NYC conference

NameSummit 2018 opens its gates today in New York City; the 2nd annual digital branding conference is aimed at entrepreneurs wanting to establish and expand their online presence.

The two day event utilizes the contributions of thought leaders and digital mentors, to provide expert advice on how to kick up your entrepreneurial game. Naturally, domain name investing is a big part of the event, with extensive mentoring on taking your domains to the next level up.

The two days of coaching, mentoring, learning and networking is co-run with Real Estate Summit, as a great addition for real estate marketers eager to promote their brands.

Event co-founders, Jason Schaeffer and Steven Kaziyev, are looking forward to hosting the event’s attendees.

For the NameSummit 2018 full agenda and schedule, visit NameSummit.com and follow them on Twitter.

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2 Responses to “#NameSummit 2018 : Two days of entrepreneurial content in #NYC conference”
  1. Rod says:

    I feel like the whole “F you verisign, you owe us an apology!” spiel is an immature and unsophisticated way of addressing the problem. Legal/political action is the discussion that needs to be had. Not shouting cursewords at the sky and shaking our fists. We are all at the mercy of verisign as long as they are connected to the .com and will profit from our investment activities. What happened was, a company that should be performing impartial administrative duties took a position against a large portion of it’s consumer base and revenue. They also made libelous remarks that negatively impact our ability to earn income, and expressed an intentional to do further damage to our industry in the future. This was more than a slur, it was an act of partiality and indication of adverse action against us.

    This shouting at thesky is doing nothing. We need to organize and explore legal/political remedies.

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