NetMundial: ICANN gets a full Brazilian in multi-stakeholder remodeling

NetMundial closes its gates today, with a party at the Maracanã, where the famous Brazilian soccer player, Edson Arantes do Nascimento will be signing autographs.

The ICANN-sponsored conference on Internet Governance was a complete success; as far as highlighting the true colors of those wishing to push US government control aside.

“Brazil is demanding the freedom of all Internet, no surveillance and no objectification of its beautiful people!” said the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, in a closing statement.

Applauding her remarks with a meaningful wink, ICANN president and CEO, Fadi Chehadé raised his clenched left fist in the air and proclaimed victory for the world, through the enforcement of the infamous multi-stakeholder model.

“We are no longer bound to the US laws and silly regulations, we are not going to surrender the NGOs, INGOs and BINGOs to the scrutiny of governmental bureaucrats, the Internet is free!’

Asked what will happen if the proposal by Nnenna Nwakanma that domain owners should fund the cost of operating a global free Internet got adopted, Fadi Chehadé stated:

“That is nonsense, nobody would do that!”

Fadi Chehadé’s statement surprisingly matches the exact response of the US government, regarding a potential coup-d’etat against the Internet sovereignty of countries hostile to the US, as argued by ICANN.

Furthermore, NetMundial proved that the use of #hashtags on Twitter constitutes “remote participation” in global issue discussions, as expertly handled by ICANN.

Tonight’s party is sponsored by the Brazilian Soccer Association; the World Cup 2014 begins on June 12th in Brazil and will hopefully attract a lot more in-person participation from users of the Global Internet Community.

Viva Brazil!

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