Network Solutions applies for domain “robo-registration” patent after .XYZ success

Typical .XYZ customer.

Typical .XYZ customer: a Network Solutions “robo-registration”.

Network Solutions, the registrar of more than 180,000 automatic registrations of .XYZ domain names, has applied for a patent of the process at the USPTO.

Application number 54922212173-XYZ covers the process as follows:

“A method of domain allocation, utilizing a software script, that registers and places a domain name into the account of an existing customer in a secondary TLD or gTLD, and emails the customer with a custom template asking them to opt-out of the process, if they do not want the already registered domain.”

With this patent application, Network Solutions is seeking to revolutionize the gTLD market, and to extend its stronghold of “robo-registrations” to other gTLDs.

More than 90% of the .XYZ domain names are registered with Network Solutions, with a domain DNA footprint that denotes them as automatic, “robo-registrations” that were never initiated by their current registrants.

We covered the term “domain robo-registration” at our regular Domain Name Jargon column, recently.

Is this truly the future of domaining?

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