New Fund established for Hank Alvarez – Everyone should help

It’s not a secret that Hank Alvarez the ousted VP of Sleaze from Snapnames – has caused a big wave in the otherwise sleepy domain community. Since the uncovering of the ‘halvarez’ scandal in early November 2009, Oversee has both taken a lot of heat and a lot of praise, for helping diffuse a sticky situation.

It appears that it wasn’t enough to clean the proverbial Augean stables, as Oversee sued Nelson Brady (Hank Alvarez’s real name) in court, asking for a total of $33 million in damages.

That’s a lot of money that Hank Alvarez does not have, despite having rigged thousands of domain auctions.

In his official response, Hank Alvarez a.k.a Nelson Brady claimed that he did it all in order to secure health coverage due to a degenerating condition that he has inherited:

” Brady primarily used the Hank Alvarez account to legitimately purchase domain names that Brady believed would be profitable so that he could accumulate savings for his long-term health care. Brady’s mother suffered from a genetic neuromuscular disorder and died at age 56 wheelchair bound with her legs locked in a 90 degree angle at her knees. Brady has the same symptoms as his mother, including severe pain, weakness and stiffness in his muscles, among other things. All these symptoms have gradually worsened as Brady ages (he is currently 54) and for many years Brady has been able to function only by taking muscle relaxants. ”

This is truly a tragic situation; we cannot imagine the domain world without Hank Alvarez actively participating in auctions, tweaking his bots in front of a terminal. Nelson Brady should not end up like Stephen Hawking, wheel-chair bound, needing a nurse to change his diapers 24/7.

It’s just inhumane.

For that purpose, a new fund has been established: Bank of America contributed the account BOA-38254642774653 that domainers around the world can use to submit their contributions to the Hank Alvarez Health Fund. It’s an obligation we all have towards a man that did wrong but also admitted his wrong-doing and is on the course to recovery.

Recently, Hank Alvarez announced on his web site, that he’s on a sabbatical in Tibet; an indication that he has undergone major personality changes and that he is indeed a new man.

Help Hank Alvarez, the domainer whose spirit broke but who managed to get up on his feet again!

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