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Hank Alvarez: Overjoyed by the change of ownership at SnapNames!

Earlier today, SnapNames former VP of Operations, Hank Alvarez, expressed his excitement about the company’s acquisition by Web.com. Hank Alvarez became involved in a much-publicized auction shilling drama, in 2009; then owners Oversee settled the case by involving Rust Consulting as an expert adviser. After that incident, Hank Alvarez went on a sabbatical in the […]

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Hank Alvarez: I will donate my brain to Science

Upon returning from his long sabbatical in the Himalayas, former SnapNames executive Hank Alvarez made a serious announcement at his web site, HankAlvarez.com “My dear friends, I am glad to have put the past behind me. I am now a changed man. My meditation with Dalai Lama in the Himalayas brought new perspective to my […]

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New Fund established for Hank Alvarez – Everyone should help

It’s not a secret that Hank Alvarez – the ousted VP of Sleaze from Snapnames – has caused a big wave in the otherwise sleepy domain community. Since the uncovering of the ‘halvarez’ scandal in early November 2009, Oversee has both taken a lot of heat and a lot of praise, for helping diffuse a […]

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