NYC Police Department actively patrolling the Internet for gTLD violations

Dot .NYC is only for New Yorkers.

Dot .NYC is only for New Yorkers.

Don’t mess with the New York police department; they are trained and ready to thwart any cybersquatting attacks.

With dot .NYC launching in the Big Apple, city Mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear in recent announcements:

“The law says, it’s for New Yorkers only. You break the law, we will find you. These aren’t  moving violations, they are cybercrimes and NYPD will hunt you down and deliver you to justice!”

Mayor de Blasio’s strong message warns those that attempt to cybersquat on premium dot .NYC domains, that they will be prosecuted. Unlike dot .Vegas, the New York gTLD is open for registrations only to verified New York  residents.

“Solomon’s mom and pop bagel store, Rachel’s pastrami deli, the Eyetalian shoemaker on 62nd street, performer Lady Gaga – they all have the right to their own dot .NYC domain, not some schmuck cybersquatter from Florida, Texas or California!”

Dot .NYC registrations open up officially next week. If you’re not from New York, then move it, move it!

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