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On a frugal budget: Frank Schilling goes after LLLL .com domains


Frank went on a frugal shopping spree at NameJet.

Uber-domainer Frank Schilling went on a frugal shopping spree on NameJet at the end of last week, grabbing EDAP.com for $1,310 and EDSE.com for $700.

These LLLL .com domains would normally sell for thousands of dollars a couple of years ago!

Also, Frank didn’t want to spend $1,712 for Barrister.net which was won by someone else, leaving Frank as the second highest bidder.

It’s clear that Frank Schilling has lowered his acquisition budget significantly; not too long ago he’d spend $5k – $10k on any given day on NameJet.

Editor’s note: Earlier today we incorrectly posted that JuiceStore.com was also acquired by Frank on NameJet.


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One Response to “On a frugal budget: Frank Schilling goes after LLLL .com domains”
  1. Ron says:

    If you had 300,000 awesome domains, you might not want to spend what it costs today to get great domains either…

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