#OxVent : Ventilator project forwards the .com to the .org

OxVent is a brand new, rapidly deployable ventilator, to be used in support of the Coronavirus patients.

Currently, the project uses off the shelf parts and 3D printing technology to produce a ventilator unit that can be used in the field, and the OxVent project is very promising.

According to the University of Oxford news, Professor Farmery, Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, says:

“Ordinarily, to develop a medical device such as this would be a huge task, and would take years.  We have designed a simple and robust ventilator which will serve the specific task of managing the very sickest patients during this crisis.”

What’s interesting is that the domain OxVent.com is being used as a forward to the matching .org domain, OxVent.org. This is yet another indication of the global recognition of dot .ORG domain names.

Follow OxVent on Twitter and visit OxVent.org for more information and a video.

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