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PayPal yok : Popular payment system leaves Turkey

The Turks of Samsun are not sitting ducks.

PayPal yok, in Turkey.

PayPal is pulling out of Turkey, leaving many loyal customers hanging.

Turkish authorities demanded that all data related to transactions should remain on servers that are physically located in Turkey, something that PayPal refused to do.

In a notice to customers, PayPal explained that they would no longer be able send or receive money, beginning June 6th, 2016.

“Important Information for Customers in Turkey – We report with regret that we stopped our activities in Turkey as PayPal. Customers in Turkey since June 6, 2016, to be effective sending and receiving money via a PayPal account will not do the. Customers can log in to your PayPal account balance in the account, and if they can transfer to a bank account in Turkey.

We want to indicate that PayPal’s priority has always been customers. We did however local regulatory agencies rejection of license applications and we have to apply the relevant institutions in accordance with the instruction to stop our activities in Turkey, we regret because of this decision. Customers that process information by visiting the page can get detailed information on how they will affect you.

So far all of our customers as we would like to convey our thanks to PayPal to us that they prefer. Our employees at PayPal and support you have given Turkey has always been important to our company. Our efforts in obtaining the necessary permissions to provide services to our customers again in the future, Turkey will continue.”

All this mess started when the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency refused to issue a license to PayPal, demanding that its payment services to be physically located in Turkey.

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