BODIS : Domain ended up unpaid – New auction at DropCatch

The recent auction for the domain name, ended at DropCatch on 7/16/2016. was apparently not paid for, as the top bid of $20,950 dollars seemed to be way out of touch.

Pokemon Go is a trademark and the popular game is gaining fans around the world that chase Augmented Reality “monsters.”

DropCatch is currently re-auctioning the domain and the current highest bid is a measly $750 dollars.

The domain auction ends in a little under 2 days from now.

Will there be a winner, and would they put themselves at risk of trademark infringement and a possible UDRP? - Being re-auctioned at DropCatch. – Being re-auctioned at DropCatch.

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One Response to “ : Domain ended up unpaid – New auction at DropCatch”
  1. MrVg says:

    My butler might bid this time

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