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PokerUSA.com auction ends with full house winnings for DropCatch

DropCatch has been making a killing auctioning off domains it caught after they dropped.

The 800 lbs gorilla of domain dropcatching auctioned off PokerUSA.com today, a domain auction that attracted plenty of bidding activity.

In the end, PokerUSA.com sold for $19,450 dollars with DropCatch member “rushing” winning it. Now that’s a great win for the house!

The selling price of PokerUSA.com ranks it as the #9 biggest sale of a .com domain that begins with “Poker.” Source: NameBio.

PokerUSA.com was registered way back in 1998 and was in the possession of IGT, a multi-national gambling machine manufacturer that was renamed to International Game Technology PLC in 2015.

It’s not clear why the domain was allowed to drop; after all, it was registered with CSC Corporate Domains. Such domain assets often get lost after mergers and acquisitions that eliminate certain mailboxes, or the employees tasked with their updates.

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3 Responses to “PokerUSA.com auction ends with full house winnings for DropCatch”
  1. Andrew says:

    Nice, I have RiverboatPoker . com for sale at 75% less

  2. Alex says:

    pokerusa.com $150 USD
    EstiBot fair market value.

    Only .com taken, all other extensions available. For example, you can buy PokerUSA.net for just $9

  3. Samer says:

    Thanks Alex,

    i would rather own the .com or pivot my strategy;

    it’s just not the same.


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