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Poll: How much did Rick Schwartz sell that NNN .com domain portfolio for?

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz‘s recent sale of a domain portfolio consisting of 10 NNN .com names, upped the ante for how numeric domains are valued.

The Domain King acquired those ten domains for $700 dollars. How much did he sell them for?

Initially, Rick’s tweet stated “millions” and that spans $2 million to infinity, and beyond. 🙂

Knowing Rick’s persistence in maximizing his ROI, we estimated the sale to be as high as $5 million dollars.

It seems, that it was higher than that.

In a subsequent tweet, Rick Schwartz stated that his previous offering of the same domain portfolio was for $2.75 million, and nobody seized the opportunity, adding:

“Now I took in over 2x as much”

This statement puts the minimum sale amount above $5.5 million dollars.

So let’s take a poll about the amount that Rick scored with this portfolio sale! 😀

How much did Rick sell his 10 NNN .com domains to the Chinese?

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3 Responses to “Poll: How much did Rick Schwartz sell that NNN .com domain portfolio for?”
  1. R P says:

    Not sure u guys are fully reading into what domainking wrote. Sure seems like he tried to sell his full stable of numerics for $2.75M in 2014. He sold three NNN.com in 2015-2016 for $2.3M. According to his wiki page. Think sold two of his 20 NNNN, probably $200-300K total.

    If you double $2.75M you get $5.5M. Subtract out $2.5M and you get approx $3M. So most likely range was $3-3.5M for the remaining 10 NNN.com just sold. Very possible was more but doubtful over $4.5M for remaining 10 NNN.com

    Just my 2 cents

  2. DomainGang says:

    RP – Rick sold 977.com in 2017: http://domaingang.com/domain-news/rick-schwartz-sells-yet-another-nnn-com-domain-977-com/

    So unless Rick discloses the exact amount he received for the 10 NNN .com domains, it’s safe to assume he got well above the going market rate for them, particularly from Chinese buyers versus resellers.

  3. domain guy says:

    as I remember rick was looking for the “right domain” broker to sell his nnn.com domains. 500k each 10 for 5 million. and of course no one surfaced and the domain king once again publically showed us all how its done,. I remember rick duplicated his nnn domains in the .co suffix
    Every single domainer stated they were worth nothing let them drop. I think they are worth 10% of the .com portfolio

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