Poll: How much did Rick Schwartz sell that NNN .com domain portfolio for?

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz‘s recent sale of a domain portfolio consisting of 10 NNN .com names, upped the ante for how numeric domains are valued.

The Domain King acquired those ten domains for $700 dollars. How much did he sell them for?

Initially, Rick’s tweet stated “millions” and that spans $2 million to infinity, and beyond. 🙂

Knowing Rick’s persistence in maximizing his ROI, we estimated the sale to be as high as $5 million dollars.

It seems, that it was higher than that.

In a subsequent tweet, Rick Schwartz stated that his previous offering of the same domain portfolio was for $2.75 million, and nobody seized the opportunity, adding:

“Now I took in over 2x as much”

This statement puts the minimum sale amount above $5.5 million dollars.

So let’s take a poll about the amount that Rick scored with this portfolio sale! 😀

How much did Rick sell his 10 NNN .com domains to the Chinese?

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