Poll-bola: Did ICANN act smart moving away from Africa for ICANN52?

Ebola is a hot topic.

Ebola is a seriously lethal disease.

The recent change of the host city of the ICANN52 conference from Marrakesh, Morocco, to Singapore, was rather controversial.

It involved a week of feverish “committee” gatherings, and finally the obvious decision was made.

While global media seem to have dropped their current focus  away from the Ebola, the fact remains that Ebola is a dangerous and often lethal disease, that prompted Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to donate $25 million dollars to a research fund.

ICANN hosts thousands of attendees from all over the world during its global conferences.

Did ICANN over-react, or did it act justly, moving the ICANN52 conference away from the African continent?

This is the subject of this very poll, and as always, your opinion matters.

Was ICANN prudent for moving ICANN52 away from Africa on Ebola fears?

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