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PowerCore : Dot .US added to roster of non-COM domain sightings!


After locating a rare dot .MOBI domain last December on a vehicle’s plates, we were out again, looking for more wild animals of the non-COM kingdom.

Driving around in Orlando isn’t fun, and there’s lots of traffic and construction going on.

In one of those slow-down-to-a-deadstill areas, we saw a vehicle with a dot .US domain emblazoned across its side, so naturally the photo op presented was too hard to pass by.

PowerCore.us is the current king of dot .US sightings, as seen in the picture, which was zoomed in in order to display the domain name.

Incidentally, their web site is much better than that of the matching .com, which belongs to a Canadian company.

If you have any photos to share from other, non-COM domain sightings, post them below.




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One Response to “PowerCore : Dot .US added to roster of non-COM domain sightings!”
  1. BT says:

    We’ve all probably been “sighting” these for years but now, suddenly the new GTLD project has made them all more visible.

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