Quick #domain flip : #Racoon .com moves to #BQDN in Dubai

Racoon.com is gone, and that was a quick domain flip by Media Options, if ever there was one!

After snagging this aged beauty – some say, alternate spelling – of an insanely fun and intelligent animal, Drew Rosener’s company offloaded the domain to BQDN.com.

James Booth, founder of BQDN.com, added this domain to an expanding portfolio of domains, such as FruitFly.com, ZAX.com, RCC.com, RHE.com and GME.com.

There is no indication about what is in the works ahead for the domain Racoon.com, or what is the asking price, but we’d expect it to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

An interesting tidbit: James Booth moved the headquarters of his company to Dubai sometime in January, and away from Singapore. The British expatriate famously moved to Australia last year, after spending several years in Philippines and the heart of Asia.

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

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3 Responses to “Quick #domain flip : #Racoon .com moves to #BQDN in Dubai”
  1. Nevins McTwisp says:

    A few days before this article was written, on March 31st, 2018, namePros member: BoothDomains (which is assumed to be James Booth of BQDN.com) had listed it for sale on namePros with a BIN of $20k.

    Then one day after this article was written, on April 3rd, nP member: BoothDomains posted SOLD in the thread, which usually implies the domain has been sold.

    The WHOIS was updated on April 4th, however the WHOIS information still shows info@BQDN.com as the owner. However, the nameservers did change from DomainControl.com TO NAMEINVESTORSDNS.COM.

    I was under the impression when a domain is sold on namePros, both the buyer and seller need to give trade reviews following the completion of the sale. Notably, nP member: BoothDomains hasn’t given or received a trade review since 2017.


  2. Nevins McTwisp says:

    Zax.com has a similar story as the above post.

    nP member: BoothDomains listed it for sale on namePros with a BIN of $45k on March 31st.

    On April 3rd, nP: member BoothDomains posted SOLD in the Zax.com for sale thread the exact same timestamp (to the minute) as posting sold in his/her Racoon.com sales thread.

    Like the sale of Racoon.com, trade reviews by the seller or buyer have yet to be left / received.

    Another similarity to the sale of Racoon.com, the nameservers for Zax.com changed from DomainControl.com TO NAMEINVESTORSDNS.COM

    ZAX.com WHOIS Updated Date: 2018-04-04T15:23:21Z
    Racoon.com WHOIS Updated Date: 2018-04-04T15:23:23Z

    Both names currently redirect to NameBrokers.com

  3. Nevins McTwisp says:

    Apparently I was mistaken about buyers / sellers needing to give trade reviews after a sale…

    “They may choose not to participate in the feedback system. We currently do not have a rule that forces a seller to leave feedback.”

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