Do a 380 : James Booth performs a pair of major #domain transactions

Domain broker, James Booth, lives currently Down Under; the British expat and founder of likes to work hard and party hard. Skydiving is risky, especially when there are two major domain transactions to be completed. Still, James Booth pulled everything off nicely, including the tandem jump. So what are the two major transactions James […]

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James Booth : founder moves Down Under

James Booth, domain broker and founder of the brokerage is moving, once again. The British expatriate has lived in Singapore and the Philippines extensively, and this time around he’s moving to the Land of the Oz, Australia. James secured his work visa for Down Under, allowing him to continue pursuing domain brokerage opportunities, while […]

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BQDN : James Booth rolls out new domain brokerage web site

Domain investor and broker, James Booth, has been on a roll during the past 12 months. The British expatriate operating from the Philippines, has scored no less than $6.2 million dollars in total brokered domain deals. That figure has been updated to reflect sales completed as of August 8th. Extraordinary as he is, James maintains […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : One of only 125 VVV .com domains sold for five figures

Did you know that there are only 125 three letter .com domains, comprising of only vowels? Well now you do. The full Latin vowel set contains the letters A, E, I, O, U. Letter ‘Y’ can be excluded, as it’s often both a vowel and a consonant – it’s a semivowel. is one of […]

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Buy Quality Domain Names : BQDN – Now in Chinese

Domain broker James Booth operates from the so-called heart of Asia; the young entrepreneur has been scoring some major sales in the past few months. Since our exclusive interview with James Booth, he launched, an acronym for Buy Quality Domain Names. The domain brokerage platform is targeting Western buyers and sellers, and has now […]

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