Four more aged LLL .com #domains under #BQDN management

James Booth, celebrating the sale of

James Booth, founder of, the domain acquisitions and brokering company, is killing it.

Not literally, but metaphorically of course. 😀

Once a week or so, the youngest of the Booth Brothers shares select news of domains that become part of the Buy Quality Domain Names inventory.

The latest domain names that James Booth shared are four aged LLL .com’s.

Here’s what he shared on social media:

  • – Registered in 1997
  • – A 1994 domain registration
  • – Registered in 1997
  • – A 1996 registration

Obviously, these domains cost tens of thousands of dollars to acquire, and James Booth will most likely profit handsomely from the sales, when the time comes!

A job well done, James! 😀

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