James Booth : #BQDN acquired several more LLL .com #domains

James Booth, celebrating the sale of 380.com.

James Booth, founder of BQDN – Buy Quality Domain Names – often shares his latest domain acquisitions.

The busy Briton domain investor and broker, spends his time in the far east but for some reason lists Dubai in the Arab Emirates as his WHOIS address.

It’s probably cheap to get a PO Box there! 😀

This time around, James Booth shared the news of several new LLL .com domains he acquired, along with a cryptocurrency domain:

  • Kib.com
  • NTA.com
  • TGA.com
  • BitcoinStorage .com

While Kib.com was registered in 1998, NTA.com and TGA.com are both from 1994, an era predating the commercial Internet and are definitely very valuable.

Congratulations, James!

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