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Re-arrested in Florida: Starlita Similien aka Andrea Jamie Deluca

Starlita Patrice Similien aka Andrea Jamie Deluca - Mugshot from her 12/1/2012 arrest.

Starlita Patrice Similien aka Andrea Jamie Deluca – Mugshot from her 12/1/2012 arrest.

Convicted felon Starlita Patrice Similien, aka Andrea Jamie Deluca is once again back in the Bay County jail – this time held without bond.

Following her conditional release in late October, “Andrea J. Deluca” was facing 48 months of probation and community service, for impersonating an attorney and rendering services she holds no license for.

The judge released her, but now she has broken the terms of her release for the second time.

Starlita Similien was arrested on December 1st, 2012 on “petit larceny” charges, at the Relax Inn Panama, FL motel she was staying at. On December 7th, the court got whiff of her probation violation and six days later reopened the case; she attended the first hearing the following day.

As “Andrea Jamie Deluca”, Starlita Similien will stay incarcerated at the Bay County jail until January 30th, 2013 whereupon her conditional release would be at stake.

In a lengthy comment left at DomainGang on November 30th, Starlita Similien is blasting those that criticize her appearance and talks about her past – once again claiming to have left her crime-ridden past behind.

Ironically but expectantly, she was arrested a couple of days later.

Is this person mentally sick and in need of medical intervention and counseling? No doubt. At the same time, there is no room for criminals among true entrepreneurs and hard-working people, and we believe that she should remain behind bars for a long time.

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