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Redesigned? Top-heavy GoDaddy Website offers less eye candy

Depictions of buxom women stimulate the nursing instinct in men of all ages.

Depictions of buxom women stimulate the nursing instinct in men of all ages.

It’s well-known that Bob Parsons likes his women young, intelligent and top-heavy. That’s why GoDaddy’s girls have been featured prominently on the GoDaddy.com web site.

The usual GoDaddy commercials during the Superbowl also promote the juicy assets of GoDaddy’s girls, in a manner so provocative that makes Hooters girls look like innocent kitties.

Ever since Bob Parsons abandoned the life of the bachelor, the web site has been featuring less eye candy – apparently a prenuptial agreement exists somewhere in the 14 or so pages of the terms and conditions one is required to scroll through, in order to register a domain.

Meanwhile, late last year before the US elections, we launched GoMilfy.com – a spoof site that featured then presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The web site GoMilfy.com is a spoof of the GoDaddy.com look and feel of that time. GoDaddy actually was cool to officially approve of our parody – which raised our respect towards the biggest domain registrar this side of the milky way.

However, we do miss the top-heavy GoDaddy girls 🙁 Danica Patrick is not even remotely close to that. Bummer.

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2 Responses to “Redesigned? Top-heavy GoDaddy Website offers less eye candy”
  1. Korey says:

    OMG these are simply lovely. I approve!

  2. Patrick McDermott says:

    To the Complaint Department:

    I tried to create an account on GoMilfy.com so I could register some MILF domains
    but was not able to.

    That is very, very bad.

    Hopefully you will get the problem fixed soon.

    By the way, do you accept competitor coupon codes?

    There is a 99 cents* GoDaddy coupon code I’d like to use, MILF69.

    *plus 18 cents ICANN fee

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