Rick Schwartz grabs PiggyBanks.com for a fistful of cash

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has acquired a premium two-word .com domain, PiggyBanks.com.

The acquisition took place via the popular drop-catching and auctioning platform, DropCatch.

Rick’s acquisition of PiggyBanks.com cost a whopping $7,456 dollars.

PiggyBanks.com was a 1997 registration prior to the drop and was used by a Japanese company. It’s not clear why they let the domain expire at GMO Internet, a popular registrar in Japan.

Piggy banks are popular around the world and particularly in Japan. The generic reference “piggy bank” does not constrain the box to be in the shape of a pig! 🙂

So far we don’t know if Rick Schwartz plans to roll out a joint venture on PiggyBanks.com, perhaps related to crypto.

Here are some other domains acquired by Rick Schwartz on DropCatch in recent days:

  • budcon.com – $1,550 dollars
  • procream.com – $859 dollars
  • starhunt.com – $1,550 dollars
  • tulipbulbs.com – $7,050 dollars

It’s clear that the Domain King is paying good amounts of money for two-word .com domains!

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One Response to “Rick Schwartz grabs PiggyBanks.com for a fistful of cash”
  1. Tony says:

    Very nice name but obviously the plural limits the use just a bit. I didn’t want to bid over $5k, but for Rick, that is nothing. Great buy for him.

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