Rick Schwartz’s domain drops and acquisitions


We’re glad that the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, is no longer in (semi)retirement. Rick took a sabbatical a few years ago that didn’t last long!

Quite the opposite, these days the Domain King is actively bidding on DropCatch where he wins auctions of domains that catch his expert attention.

We often report on domain names that Rick Schwartz acquires in the domain aftermarket, or hand-registers based on recent newsworthy trends.

In the second half of July, Rick has been quite busy, acquiring domains and winning auctions so here are some of these domain names:

  • beeky.com – acquired for $1,627 dollars on DropCatch
  • faceai.com – acquired for $3,150 dollars on DropCatch
  • remoteteaching.com –  acquired for $3,158 dollars on DropCatch
  • basezero.com – acquired for $8,050 dollars on DropCatch

The Domain King hand-registered several domain names during the same period and here’s what we could identify:

  • contempobola.com
  • contempobolo.com
  • contempoprano.com
  • palmbeachlighthouse.com
  • villacontemporano.com
  • fictoguy.com
  • fictoguys.com
  • fictoman.com
  • fictostud.com
  • fictowoman.com

Lastly, the King’s “droppings” include the following domains that Rick Schwartz dropped at some point, but were recently re-registered by others:

  • iownadomain.com
  • unethical.company
  • visitomaha.co

Did you do better than the Domain King? 😀

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2 Responses to “Rick Schwartz’s domain drops and acquisitions”
  1. Logan says:

    Because nobody wants to visit Omaha.

  2. uknowledge says:

    FaceAi.com is a great purchase. Won’t be surprised if Rick nets 7 figures on it .

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