Rogue web site with fake WHOIS info clones Domainsville

Rogue web sites are after your sensitive information.

Abdu Tarabichi, owner of popular domain news aggregator,, made an announcement earlier today, about a rogue clone site, operating from

“We learned today that a man allegedly named “Christopher Ortiz” of Jacksonville, Florida (a reverse lookup on the email reveals a registrant based in China) has registered and launched Domainsville.US, a pure fake replica site that looks confusingly similar to Domainsville, Inc’s official site at”

The copycat or cloned web site at seems to be leeching on the feed of, apparently in preparation for a scam or the serving of rogue content.

According to DomainTools, the WHOIS info is fake, as the email address matches that of a domain registrant in China.

Says Abdu:

“This is a public announcement to beware of any upcoming scam emails or any other malicious attempts arousing from this unauthorized website.”

The fake WHOIS info is used to bypass the Nexus restrictions of .US domains, that require a direct residency or business relationship of the .US registrant to the US.

Read Abdu’s full announcement here.

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One Response to “Rogue web site with fake WHOIS info clones Domainsville”
  1. This royally chaps my ass… When a man works so hard and diligent to make a good reputable site some clueless monkey comes along and tries to steal a banana just goes against my grain. If it were something totally different from the .com so be it. But publishing it on the net for everyone to see in my eyes is plain theft. On the other hand, can be honored… While someone would stoop to low levels to steal his big ripe banana. As you can probably tell I hate banana thieves…..Kev

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