A couple of things we like – an update

Choosing a domainer-friendly registrar such as presents its users with several advantages.

Note: Sav is a premium sponsor of DomainGang & we actively use their services.

It’s not just the low pricing that attracts domain investors, it’s the ability to address issues quickly, respond to requests, and provide fast management of one’s domains. It’s not a surprise Sav recently crossed the 2 million domains under management milestone.

With that in mind, we provided some feedback to Sav and they addressed the following issues in recent upgrades:

  • Auth codes are now fully parsed without excluding or filtering any special characters. Transfers from e.g. Uniregistry should be easier to complete.
  • Two factor authentication: The system now extends the time one can log in after an SMS is sent to 5 minutes. The previously used limit of 60 seconds is thus extended.

And that’s not all.

Sav auctions clearly display the renewal cost of domains in auction, because a domain might have renewal fees that reach hundreds of dollars! was sold at Sav auctions – it has a regular renewal price

Sav will soon address a couple of our pending requests for improving the domain management system and we’ll provide an update as soon as it’s complete.

You can follow Sav on Twitter and utilize their support system as well.

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One Response to “ A couple of things we like – an update”
  1. joe domains says:


    let me see auction view of ONLY MY WATCHLIST or extend number of auctions shown to 20 or 50, sometime it takes 3 pages to see 1 minute.


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