Scammers are using #GoDaddy brand to promote crappy #logo design services


Scammers are abusing the GoDaddy brand in an effort to promote cheap and crappy looking logo design services.

Von Glitschka, world-renowned illustrator and brand specialist, shared the news via Twitter, believing it’s a GoDaddy service:

“Hey @GoDaddy stop sending me emails recommending shitty logo design services when your own logo looks like craptacular clip-art. Thanks.”

The logo design factory churning out cheap logos is using the GoDaddy brand as a bait, operating from, a domain registered just three weeks ago:

GoDaddy tweeted back, pointing out they are not affiliated with the crappy logo service:

“We are not affiliated with the site or design service you mentioned. ^G”

This type of obvious brand confusion stems from the unauthorized use of the GoDaddy logo and claims of endorsement.

The domain lists apparently fake WHOIS information; the address is in Maine, but the associated phone number is in Pakistan.

A reverse WHOIS ran on the associated email address returns other domains used for the purpose of spamming domain owners with low quality services:

Not all of these domains are active, but those that are display the same, cookie cutter web site with supposed samples of work and packaged pricing. These logo factories spam en masse domain owners, operating from India, Pakistan, the Philippines or other countries in Asia.

Last year, GoDaddy filed a lawsuit against a number of such questionable service providers that claimed to operate in affiliation with the domain name registrar.

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